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Laura Folk Fair 2016

John & Dave supported the Laura Folk Fair in a most professional way but it was the extra effort and commitment they had to making our event a success which stood out the most.

The advice, suggestions and ideas that they put forward went beyond simply turning up with the sound equipment. Their experience in the business and expertise with the equipment, along with great communication combined into an ability to meet the needs of a fledgling committee that had little to no technical knowledge.

They contacted all our performers well ahead of the event requesting their needs so they could be met on the day, communicated regularly leading up to the event to ensure we had all the necessary infrastructure in place, and even offered advice regarding licensing for the live performances.

On set up day they just quietly went about their business working in and around everything that happens to put our event into place.

Performers and audience were appreciative of their work giving the Laura Folk Fair the best quality PA throughout the whole Fair ground, and they had the technical expertise to provide the professional sound management required by experienced professional bands such as The Borderers.

Their friendly manner has made them a pleasure to work with and we will look forward to having their assistance for next year’s event

As a promoter of comedy and various other forms of live entertainment, Outback PA are my first phone call whenever I'm doing a gig north of Adelaide... Not only are they very professional and provide a fantastic high quality service, they are also very easy to deal with and will bend over backwards to help you out. Next time you need to hire Sound or Lights give John and Dave from Outback PA Hire a go, you won't be disappointed

Anthony Lamond

"I’ve been playing music for a very long time…..I can tell by my Senior’s Card! Like most musos who turn up to play a gig somewhere I understand how crucial the sound system and, more importantly, the guys who drive it are to my performance. If it sounds good out front and in the foldback that positive feedback can make all the difference to how you feel and ultimately to your performance and the audience’s reaction. The first time I worked with the guys from Outback PA Hire was at the Melrose Muster. The equipment was first class, the sound was great and I felt instantly confident that I was in capable hands with John and David. Nothing was too much trouble for them so all the band had to think about was doing what we do best knowing that Outback Sound would look after the rest.

They were also our ‘go to’ sound guys when we needed quality sound for the Pinery Bushfire Relief Concert. Their community spirit saw them step up to take on all the sound and staging requirements gratis for what was intended to be a huge show for close to 4000 people." 

Mike Roberts


I am happy to recommend your sound services to anyone. The quality of sound produced is great, with the range and clarity being excellent. It is also appreciated that you can adapt to all environments and locations.


Colin Davies, JP

Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of the Rotary Port Augusta, I am pleased to advise that we were extremely happy with the PA set up for the Pichi Richi Marathon event. The sound quality was excellent and carried easily over the required distance.

Yours in Rotary

Colin Davies

D9500 Treasurer 2015-16

I have worked in film, television, thearte, arts and music in the capacity as writer, director, production manager, camera operator, sound production, editor, post production, performer, etc. I am currently the director and coordinator for the Melrose Music Muster and also organise and have run many one of events. 

Working with talented, passionate, professional skilled individuals is a privilege and an honor to do so. A high standard is always the desired out come, with the secure sense of knowing that a quality performance and job will be delivered each time, making an important component of an event a success and contributing to the overall success of the event.

This as a director coordinator of events takes away the stress and anxiety of poor quality performances and or a possible disaster and failure.

With live music events there are no second chances or post production dubbing over in the studios, the performers and crew have to deliver on the spot!

The better prepared, the more experience and the best quality of equipment are attributes that go toward achieving quality successful out comes that we strive for at events.

It is that extra passion, enthusiasm, experience and the love and art of doing and creating in ones chosen professions that takes things to a higher level again, that is the out come as professionals we aim for.

The sound guys at Outback PA Hire, John Simpson and David Hughes are such professionals they love doing what they do and they work so hard and passionately to deliver quality every time at each event i have had the privilege of working with them. The equipment they hire and operate is impressive, their sound production is awesome from small intimate venues to large open events they can handle it!

You know your getting great sound when it sounds fantastic, when the audience is positively responding, when the professional musicians acknowledge the sound guys during their performance and the musicians come up to me afterwards and say how good the sound was! This is the constant result with John and Davids sound engineering.

I aim for overall gross happiness and satisfaction for my events and when my crew make happy and the punters are happy and very satisfied, we are all happy! 

With out a doubt for your sound at your event i highly recommend John Simpson and David Hughes OUTBACK PA HIRE.

Your faithfully

Anton Lunstedt

Director Melrose Music Muster

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