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There is nothing quite like a outdoor screening set in a nice location. We can provide you with the film access and a large inflatable screen that we setup and run for you. Most films can be played, as long they are more that 3 months past the cinema release. We can use pretty much any location.

The screen we use is suitable for about 600 people.

We also a much larger screen suitable of up to 1000 people.

Some info for you.

The basic license fee for any film, is $350.00, the music played in the film must also be licensed and this is done thru One Music Australia.

The screening fee that includes screen hire, setup, playing of film and removal, starts from $250.00 depending on location and the screen required.

The location can be pretty much anywhere, but we need an area of flat ground at 10m x 10m to setup in.

Please email or call 0433 129840 for more info.

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