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 If your band wants to record a CD but capture it as a live performance, then we can set this up for you. Bands get some of their best performances when live and reacting to a crowd. 

We plan on setting up a few live shows throughout the year at different venues, all outside using our largest PA setup. You will have a chance to perform to a good crowd and be recorded at the same time, we will then record and mix your songs to a CD. Costs will vary depending on number of songs but the starting price will be $300.00 this gives you 6 songs recorded and mixed.

The events will be advertised and the general public will pay a small fee to enter. There will be a maximum number of seven acts for each event and they will start at 1 pm and run thru till late.

If you would like to book a spot for our next event please email using the contact page.

If you prefer to just perform at your own place, we can also accomodate, please email for further info .

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