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Outback PA Hire not only does sound production for events but we can also help you to create and plan one.

We have access to nearly any Australian band whether is a local band or a big name artist.

A music events success is all to do with the planning, promotion and running. We have a great team of people that will make all this happen seamlessly for you and make your event a success.

Everyone has various budgets to work to and we can work within most. So please contact us with your thoughts and let us make those thoughts a reality.

Before calling, please have the below info ready, so we get a better understanding of your plans.

1 What type of event, ie ticketed event, free event, fundraiser?

2 What time of year are you thinking.

3 Location and will it be indoors or outside.

4 what size event do you want.

5 what is your total budget.

Please email or call 0433 129840

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