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Mobile Stage

The stage can be setup anyware we can reasonably drive a 4WD to,

fully setup it measures 8.4 m wide and 4.8 m deep and app 900mm .

This can be hired as a stage only, or as part of a full stage, sound and lighting package.

The pic below taken during setup


We have a huge range of only the most respected industry standard mics for use in PA , brands like Shure, Sennheiser, Neumann , AKG and DPA.

Both cabled and wireless systems.

Mixing Consoles

We use Soundcraft digital consoles and have systems that can take up to 80 inputs depending on your event. All run stage boxes with MADI connections. We can also run 32 outputs for live recording to Waves Tracks Live and also use the Waves Multirack Native.

FOH and Foldback

We have just purchased a brand new FOH system by BOSE.

We have a few different systems to suit your budget.


This is the new Showmatch Delta Q and is the very latest in array technology , its capable of deliver up to 145db and its patented wave guide system allow even frequency distribution no matter where the audience is standing or seated. Our system will be suited for small to medium size event indoor or out . We can deliver setup and tear down and you have you own engineer or it can be part of a full sound and light package.

This system is great for any type of music from the quietest of sounds to the full on thumping bass of heavy rock. System power is up to 16000 watts


This consists of up to 4 Bose 802 per side and 4 x subs, this is very nice and clean sounding setup, suitable for, Folk, Jazz, etc. System power is up to 4500watts

Small garden/pub system

This consists of one or two Bose F1 speakers, great for vocals and all types of music, fast easy setup. System power is 2000 watts


Sennheiser IEM system is available for those that like to have in ear monitors as well as f wedges, these can also be Bose 802s Bose 620s Panaray, Jbls, or similar.


We have a good selection of stage lighting, smoke machines, Fog Machine, Bubble machine, moving head lights, stage follow spots, computer controlled lighting system to really make your show stand out.

We also have a good selection of trussing either box or Tri Truss.

Projection/ Outdoor Cinema

The new Mobile stage has the option of a 3.0m screen on the back wall and we also have a good quality Epsom projector, combined with a sound system we can setup a great outdoor theatre. We also have a rear projection 8m x 3.6M screen that will suit any size event.

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